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Women's Action Research Network


An informal network for professional women to pool their resources and create amazing collaborative and interdisciplinary work. 

Dr. Jennifer Veilleux


Dr. Jennifer Veilleux currently works as a Postdoctoral Associate for the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University. Within this position, she manages the MacArthur Foundation supported Serengeti – Lake Victoria (SELVA) Sustainable Water Initiative and is Principal Investigator of the Missouri River Water Security Threats from the Dakota Access Pipeline Project with the Institute for Water and Environment. Veilleux earned her PhD in Geography from Oregon State University and focuses her research on the question of cultural, economic, and political changes related to water resources development. She previously worked for the US Government, the United Nations Development Programme, as well as private industry, and has lectured for universities, galleries, and museums about her research and photography. Veilleux photo-documents indigenous at-risk communities where she conducts research in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Dr. Candice Landry


Dr. Candice Weems-Landry received her PhD in Geography and a GIScience Certificate from Oregon State University. Her research bridges gentrification and environmental justice focused on understanding the spatial-temporal patterns of the differing trajectories of gentrification and the competing theories of causation related to urban park access. Her dissertation examined spatial distribution of park access and gentrification in Seattle, Washington between the years of 1990-2010. Candice is currently working as a GIS analyst and cartographer for the Missouri River Water Security Threats from Dakota Access Pipeline Project. She also teaches and is developing an intensive six-week Introduction to GIS for QGIS curriculum using open source data-mining. She also works on contract mapping geospatial information on soils and water for Oregon-based not-for-profit organizations.

Lynette de Silva


Lynette de Silva offers workshops in environmental conflict management; and life coaching into possibilities in work, personal life and play. Her principal areas of interest include water conflict management, and the study of transboundary waters. Her research interests include gender issues in transboundary freshwater dispute resolution, particularly as it relates to the role of women. de Silva directs the Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation at Oregon State University (OSU) and teaches graduate courses. As a consultant to UNESCO, she’s provided training to senior water professionals, in Ethiopia. Over the past 20 years, de Silva has worked in areas emphasizing water resources and land management practices, this includes a nonstructural approach to flood mitigation in the Red River Basin, in North Dakota; and remediating contaminated soil and groundwater, in Indiana. She holds a B.S. Degree in Geology from Brooklyn College of CUNY; and a MSc. Degree in Geology, with emphasis in hydrogeology from Indiana University - Purdue University, in Indianapolis.

Ana Lemos


Ana Alicia Lemos is an environmental social scientist and International Programs Manager at Florida International University in Miami, FL, USA. Born in Venezuela and raised in the United States, Ana has always interested in studying people and their environment. She received her BA from Florida International University in Political Science with a certificate in Latin American studies in 2009. Since 2010 she has worked in international development projects to understand and improve natural resource management and relationships with local stakeholders. Ana is currently finishing her MSc in Environmental Studies at FIU, focusing on natural resource management and environmental social science.


Alexis Smokul-Wells


Mrs. Alexis Wells works on a variety of environmental compliance projects for federal and local agencies in southern California. She has over 16 years of field experience studying avian ecology across the United States. In 2011, she earned her Master of Science in Geography from Oregon State University studying geographic distributions of northern spotted owl prey. Alexis works for TW Biological Services on a brown-headed cowbird removal project and for Tanner Environmental Services on a variety of biological projects including: conducting California spotted owl surveys in the San Bernardino National Forest, small mammal identification in owl pellets, and offers GIS technical support and biological oversight for GIS products. She also participates in a wide-range of research projects involving federally listed sensitive species. She is a member of the Board of Directors with the Cape May Raptor Banding Project (CMRBP). Since 2000, Alexis has been actively participating in the long-term (50+ years) international raptor migration project in Cape May, NJ, where she safely traps, bands and processes migratory raptors. Alexis is also a data manager and designs databases for clients, specifically for GIS and statistical analyses of biological resources.

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Valencia Folks


Valencia Folks holds a M.S. degree in International Management from Troy University and in Strategic Intelligence from National Intelligence University. She retired from the United States Air Force after serving 21-years of service as an All-source Intelligence Analyst.  Valencia provided analytical research and analysis to military commanders, defense officials and the civilian sector.  She worked intimately with military, political, social cultural issues that affected current events and/or operations. Her analytical experiences and projects have vastly helped her to become an excellent analyst.  Valencia is currently enrolled in the Master of Science Yoga Program at Maryland University Integrative Health, is a certified yoga instructor and is an affiliate of the Yoga Alliance.  Her teaching and assisting others to become healthier motivated her to co-develop Most Valuable People, MVP Executives.

Lezlianne Pope


Lezlianne Pope has in-depth experience in document layout and creation. Her experience also includes some program writing for functional operations.  Her activism history extends to her childhood growing up in an activist family that fought for civil rights.  Her personal activism began with women’s rights and has extended from there, continuing today. She is a writer with works including non-fiction, fiction, poetry and business procedure manuals for company use.  She is also a recognized public speaker whose speaking passion centers around animal welfare.  Lezlianne is a long-time musician currently retired after returning to her home in Minnesota.  She enjoys her retirement in the country with her long-time life partner and several four-legged companions.

Ana Correa


Ana Correa is currently completing her B.A in International Relations with a focus on Environmental Studies and a minor in Geography at Florida International University. Throughout her time at FIU, she has focused on spreading awareness about water scarcity in different parts of the world with a non-profit organization, Wine to Water. She has also focused on climate change adaptation and the lack food accessibility in Bluefields, Nicaragua through an internship with blueEnergy. Currently, she assists a USAID WA-WASH project with edits and research about the implementation and efficiency of water and hygiene projects, and its also a board member of Global Civic Engagement, a board that funds student-lead initiatives to enable students to be active citizens through community projects. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a Graduate degree on the area of sustainable development and natural resource distribution.

Leyla Doss


Leyla Doss currently works as Political Officer for the United Kingdom's Foreign Office at the British Embassy in Cairo. She works on research and public policy programs between the UK and Egypt, stakeholders and civil society organisations in the areas of political reform, climate change, social rights and sustainability. She is also the co-founder of Mada Masr, Egypt's leading independent news organisation and has worked as a feature reporter for the Guardian, the Financial Times, and other news outlets worldwide. She earned her BA in Political Science and Media Studies at the University of Toronto and earned her MA in Middle Eastern Law and Politics at the SOAS, University of London. Her research has focused on a wide range issues including resource conflicts, food sovereignty, water scarcity and other political and socioeconomic issues. Leyla has also collaborated on multimedia and interactive media projects aiming to raise awareness on several controversial issues. 

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