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Useful Databases

Free and publicly available databases are crucial for the democratization of information. I fully support data sharing and these online databases offer a wealth of information for mapping, analysis, and research.


DISCLAIMER: This information is taken from the world wide web, it does not represent the opinions or research conducted by Jennifer Veilleux, unless otherwise indicated. Please be aware of contradiction contained in the pages.

Collection of existing document written about the Mara River Basin. This effort was compiled by the Serengeti-Lake Victoria Sustainable Water Initiative with the help of Florida International University's Library Staff.



Created by Dr. Susanne Schmeier over the course of several years and published in 2013, this database contains many of the world's River Basin Organizations. The database is searchable by limited select criteria online, but can be requested from Susanne for a deeper dive analysis.

This is a database created and housed with Oklahoma State University. You can search by date or the name of the Tribe. If you click on the page numbers, you can see the original printed text. 

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