This page offers links to external webpages, literature, scholarship, virtual communities that contain additional information on some of the topics covered in my work. If you have a webpage or resource you would like added to this list please contact me directly.


DISCLAIMER: This information is taken from the world wide web, it does not represent the opinions or research conducted by Jennifer Veilleux, unless otherwise indicated. Please be aware of contradiction contained in the pages.

Gumuz People Resources

A page that list of some web resources on the Gumuz Community

Lao and Khmu People Resources

A page that lists of some web resources on the Lao and Khmu Communities

A page that includes a list and links to publications, weblogs, and social media sites I contribute to.



A page that includes a list of public presentations and photography & art exhibitions.



Oregon State University supported database of water treaties, river basin organizations, and other related research.

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