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Professional Geographer's Work

Geographers do more than make maps or memorize country capitals. My work involves researching, analyzing, and describing how people and communities of people interact with their environment, economics, politics, and culture. My focus is on changes to water resources and how these changes impact the sustainability of people and ecosystems, an area academically termed water security. I look at water security at different scales: within national frameworks, across internationally shared rivers, and within local community contexts. I use mapping software, imagery analysis, and interviews with stakeholders to gain a full understanding of a river basin. Below are links to some of what I produce and how I engage in that pursuit.

Geospatial analysis of some of the projects I've worked on. 

Different research projects I have led or contributed to. 

A list of places and events where I've participated as a speaker.

Additional resources available across the web related to research topics.

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