I am an artist and a professional geographer. I research and write about international water security, water rights, and development of transboundary rivers. My photography and art are connected to my research and experiences on rivers, and influenced by the cultures where I spend time living and working. My profession has allowed me to work closely with indigenous communities, regional and national governments, and the international  community for more than 15 years in more than 30 countries. I see my work as a multidisciplinary form of storytelling that spans science, art, and advocacy.

I founded the Women Action Research Network (WARN) in 2016 with the aim of connecting women across disciplines, skills, and career longevity to tackle research related to marginalized communities and natural resources.

My research has appeared in Science, Foreign Policy,  Limnology & Oceanography, Water Policy, Al Jazeera,  High Country News, and other publications. My art and photography have appeared in galleries in New York, Miami, & Fort Lauderdale.


I am currently based in Miami, Florida, USA.